We lift the weight off the organizing committee's shoulders.

A hustle-free reviewing process.

How is that possible?


Automated Review Assignment 
Automated Review Assignment 

Our smart algorithm auto-matches the best-qualified reviewers while you maintain full control of the process.

Intuitive Interface
Intuitive Interface

A simplified workspace, enabling the average user to effortlessly navigate through it. Both beginners and highly experienced users can complete the evaluation in a matter of a few clicks.

Direct Communication
Direct Communication

Avoid bothering spam emails! A time-saving experience through communication channels directly integrated into the platform.

Multiple Evaluation Criteria
Multiple Evaluation Criteria

Prepare your own evaluation criteria, no matter how complex they are. A powerful and flexible architecture is ready to facilitate them.

Additional Features
Stay Updated

Users are notified when completing certain essential actions. While in other cases, emails are sent as a reminder of important deadlines.

Offline Review

Reviewers can download the abstracts as PDF files and print them out, before submitting the rating to the platform.

Fanatical Support

Our team is there to guide you at any moment!
We will be there to simplify the process when needed and pave the way to achieve the results you want to. 

Some questions will always remain, take a look at the most Frequently Asked Question that we have collected for you. 

Q: What will this software offer to the event organizing process? 

A: Our product ensures the acceleration of the abstracts' review process.
We have developed an efficient and easy-to-use solution that simplifies the communication between the reviewers and the authors. Through this management system, you can also oversee the progress of the reviewing process at any point.


Q: How can a reviewer benefit from this product?

A: Our software simplifies the review process for the reviewers.
Upcoming deadlines, remaining tasks, and the current state of the process regarding the abstracts are easily accessible and placed in one specific area. The interface allows users who are not highly experienced to access the product.


Q: How can a reviewer report a Conflict Of Interest?

A: If a reviewer concludes that it is impossible to rate a specific abstract, we offer an already built-in option that will allow the fulfillment of this need. To be more specific, when a reviewer submits a Conflict of Interest, the user is immediately unassigned from this abstract and the organizing committee is notified. Later, the Conflict statement can be easily evaluated through the platform by the committee. 


Q: What is the impact of this product on the scientific outcome of the event?

A: The academic committee can easily have an overview of the whole process.
When needed, they can get in touch with both the authors and the reviewers to clarify upcoming issues and simplify the communication. The result of this innovation will lead to a better scientific outcome.

Any questions left?

Feel free to get in contact with us. A team of experts offers continuous support and guidance. 

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After clarifying any of your questions and ensuring that we can provide the services that match your needs, we proceed to the following process: 

  1. We initialize the platform based on the data we have received from you. 

  2. Accounts are automatically created for the reviewers. 

  3. Our innovative algorithm automatically assigns the reviewers and notifies them immediately.

  4. The screening process is ready to start!

You can monitor the process and receive notifications for important actions. 

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  • Monitor the review progress, check the results, and communicate with the stakeholders.

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