Fri, 04/07/2023 - 11:01 By Better Events
29th Hellenic Symposium of Clinical Oncology: ePosters Live

The 29th Hellenic Symposium of Clinical Oncology has started! The online library with all the ePosters and their authors is live. 

The fully-featured on-site setup is powered by monitors rotating through the ePosters every 1 minute, for equal exposure. On-demand mode is also available to speakers and attendees for in-depth ePosters browsing.

ePoster awards

Awards will be given for the best ePosters! Posters are judged based on the scientific rigour, contribution to the field and overall presentation.

The ePosters nominated for an award are presented on a dedicated monitor and, by the end of the event, the winning ones will be announced on the leaderboard.

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