Bring cutting-edge technology to your conference and grow out of paper posters.

Available in 3 presentation modes:

  • Scheduled: ePosters are displayed according to the conference program at a specific date/time for a certain period of time.
  • On Demand: An ePoster can be brought up by the moderator or attendee using an intuitive user interface.
  • Slideshow: In between the scheduled sessions or anytime during the event, ePosters rotate automatically every 5 minutes.

Features supported among others:

  • Multiple formats
  • Multimedia capabilities
  • Kiosk for self-served view or download

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Have a look at some demo presentations below:

Auto-Rotation On-Demand

Digital Presence

Publish content before, during and after the event and boost your brand awareness.

  • Speaker agendas
  • Sessions
  • Abstracts & authors
  • Sponsors

Give guests multiple online access points to your event information. Enable direct registration from your website. We make it easy for guests to navigate your online resources.

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Powerful Agenda

Your agenda includes all of the relevant information for your event. It’s your most important tool, so we take special care to make it outstanding in every way.

  • Presenters
  • Location
  • Topics
  • Times

Take advantage of the digital agenda and display it, well, anywhere. You have limitless possibilities.

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Digital Library

Abstracts and ePosters online/

Allow guests to access all of your event materials through your own dedicated directory. We make it easy to access abstracts, ePosters, presentations and more online.

  • Abstracts, ePosters, presentations
  • Searchable
  • Well-organised
  • Online & on-site

See it in action here, view demo:

Sessions Abstracts

Speakers and Authors

Your handpicked guests deserve recognition. So we give it to them.

  • Detailed Bios
  • Contact information
  • Linked agenda sessions

Our one click, easy-access feature means that event attendees can search and find information for your speakers with no hassle.

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Multiple Display Options

All your event information, supplementing material, and content displayed wherever you want. Really.

  • Kiosks
  • Web browsers
  • Μobile devices
  • Τouchscreens

If you can imagine it, we’ll make it happen. In fact, we design around your flexibility, independence, and autonomy.